Israel B Garcia Abogado Houston TX


Israel B Garcia Abogado Houston TX

Israel B García fue capturado en la cámara actúa como un criminal. El desfigurado el edificio de un local Houston abogado y arrojaron huevos contra el edificio. También simular un acto sexual en un restaurante local, quedó atrapado en la cámara. aquí está el enlace al vídeo.

También había quejas en un sitio web llamado Aquí está el enlace para que también:



Rogelio Garcia Lawyer Houston Attorney

Rogelio Garcia LawyerRogelio Garcia is a Houston, TX attorney who’s dedicated to helping others and protecting the rights of his clients. He’s been fighting for victims rights for over 30 years now. He’s different than most lawyers; he actually cares about his clients and puts their needs first when deciding the best course of action in any legal matter.

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Florida Child Support. What’s Covered?

There are people who have been getting the concept of Florida child support so wrong that they think that all the support covers is the very basic needs of the child. This is very far from the truth as the laws concerning child support have been amended to make sure that so much more is covered. This means that you need to be aware that the court may order you to pay for more than you had planned for. This article contains a list of issues that are covered in child support. The information in this article has been gleaned from Florida Child Support services.


The basic needs

This is the first thing that can appear on this list as a child needs the basic needs met in order for them to survive. This simply means that part of the money used to buy food to keep the child well fed. The remainder of the money goes to meet the clothing needs of the child and the shelter needs. Please note that items like lighting bills, telephone bills and other home utility bills are categorised under shelter as a home needs them satisfied to be able to run. In all cases, child support will begin with meeting these basic needs as they are vital.

Medical care

Once the basic needs have been met, the child will get sick at one time or the other and it will become important for them to access medical services. In most cases, both parents are expected to contribute to this but if one parent is better positioned to handle the medical care, the burden will fall on them. It is also required for an insurance cover to be taken on behalf of the child. Some of the areas covered are dental and vision.

Educational needs

It is very important to note that education never comes free. Even in the event that a child is attending a public funded school, there will be some fees that will be paid to enable the child to continue with their education. To start with, school uniforms are not free of charge and child support has to cover them. Other things that fall in this category are books, lunch, school trips and others that are not necessary covered in the main school fees. Some of the child support money goes to cover their costs.

Child care

There are some situations whereby both parents are too busy with work to take care of the child at one time or the other. This brings in the need to hire a baby sitter or a nanny. There are times that the child is taken to a day care center. All these cost money so the child support goes to cover them. Florida Child Support services says that not all people know this and they complain when the charges are done but now they should know that child care support is very legal.

Travel and transportation

In some cases, the child support is used to meet any costs that are related to the child travelling from one place to another. This does not only cover the ticketing as in the case where the parent has a car, the child support is used to cover the gas costs, car repair costs, insurance and any other related expense. In the event that the child is travelling to visit the non-custodial parent who is in another state, the child support is used to pay for the transport costs.


There are times that the court can decide that entertainment be covered in the child support for the well being of the child. This means that as a parent, you will have to pay for the television, toys, internet and other things. In addition, the child support will be used to pay for any trips to amusement parks, movie halls and camps that the child may be interested in. The entertainment to be paid for is agreed upon by the two parents and it must be related to the age of the child.

As you have seen above, there is so much that child support covers and this list is not even complete. Florida Child Support services can cover more details in their explanation to help you know exactly what your money will pay for.

Israel B Garcia Jr Lawyer

Texas Child Support Review

Texas Child Support

Texas Child Support
As long as anyone can remember, the court system has been biased when it comes to Texas child custody. More so, the child usually falls in the arms of the mother. A lot of fathers have lost the battle of child custody simply because they didn’t took the time know of how the system work against them.


Furthermore, being a father can be their worst enemy because, at this point they are emotional rather than logic. With this, women tend to be vicious right from the beginning, and will do anything to win the custody of the child and the child support. In fact, women learn fast, by making a lot crazy lies such as, father are drug addicts or alcoholics, or some child abuse happened, and the infamous battered wife claims.


What Dads Need To Do When Facing Custody Child Battle


The court don’t want to distress the children’s or child’s living environment. They focus on the child’s be kept stable, and this means in their historical home. With this, the father must show to the court that he can effectively be a parent to child, and with little disturbance of the child’s routine as possible.




This means that how far you are going to live to your child’s current school or home. Fathers may not know it, but this is a huge factor in acquiring custody or visits. Of course, the closer you are to the child’s home or school, and then you can easily be present for your child. More so, the court gives a lot of weight on this one.




Cases are lost or won on documentation. You should keep a diary, calendar or video of the day that you we’re with your child. More so, in the court mothers will always have something up in their sleeves, may it be real or just a crazy lie. With this, mothers will show to the court of how little time you have for your child.


This is something that dads must do, this is a crucial credibility issue, and it requires a little bit of work by the dad, which might yield big gains. If you show that the mom is lying on a couple of dates, and dad is really telling the truth, then dad you’ve knocked the legs out of her case. With this, it will lead to winning spending more time with your son/daughter.




This is one big problem for fathers, and this is a big factor to win more visits or even an equal custody of the child, and that is his ability to come back, time and time again. If you want to have the favor of the court then never gave up, and show to them that you are at the drop of hat, and whatever it take, no matter how it will take, or how difficult it may be, you must prove that you are a attentive, always present and loving father.


Texas Child Support


Child support is the legislature’s attempt in order to provide financial balance of the child, who will be growing up with one parent. More so, in Texas Court child support is until he/she turns 18 or graduates from high-school. However, if the child is disabled, then the court will order to support the child for lifetime.


Who Will Pay of the Child Support?


In Texas child support, it is usually the parent who does not have primary custody of the child. In most cases, it is usually the father who turns out to be the “Obligor” (parent who pays child support), while the “Obligee” is the parent who receives child support.


Final Word


As hard it may be, but a father must set aside his emotions and learn some things about child custody law. Ask from your attorney or gather information from the internet. Moreover, keep it in your mind that the court is looking for stability in the home.


In order to become a successful dad, you want to increase your custody or visitation rights, and then you need to live very close to the child’s current home or school. Keep the records clean and updated, and no matter what how high the waters are on this case, never give up. With this, this is the most wonderful child support that you can actually give to your child, because it only shows of how you care for your child.